Migration Essay Example

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Running head: Migration

Pedro Pappa
Mater Academy A.P Human-Geography P.4

Politics and the government has not always been favored by everyone and that’s how some wars start by either discussing and not agreeing with each others ideas and that’s how a war starts. Though different wars are caused by different reasons and have different outcomes. Through out all of history there have been many wars and those wars are still going and wars will never stop with in humanity. Wars seem to have many effects that change the country, continent or even the world. One of the different effects that wars do is migration which is the physical movement of human-beings from one place to another. Migration cause people to immigrate and emigrate from different countries.

Migration Migration can be caused because of many reasons the most common reason for which people migrate is war. Such as right now in the Middle East with the war that we are going though, many Iraqis and Afghanistan’s are fleeing their country because they want to find a better life and education for their children or people leave because they do not want to be massacred because of the war. Migration is the physical movement from one location to another. So what some people migration have many reasons for it, such as religious persecutions, war, and even back in time people would migrate because of food, shelter, and water. The sad part of migration from one place to another is that the income from the country that you came from has no value or a very low value in the new country that you immigrated to. The war going on in the Middle East causes this and it is not like there are a few people that emigrate from the country but people are fleeing into other countries and those countries have to give them refuge. Two years ago the most countries that Iraqis immigrated are Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, the bad thing is that eight percent of Iraqis left to these countries and now

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