Material Requiered Planning

Topics: Management, Cheese, Feta Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: September 19, 2014
Case 1: Malincho (Word limit: 1000 words, A4, 12-times new roman, 1.5 line spacing) Q1. What is the Case all about?
Q2. Please describe Mr. Kalin Pentchev’s personality
Q3. Is It a good opportunity for Kalin’s business?
Q4. Where did Kalin find the capital? Equity or Debt?
Q5. How well is Malincho doing 18 months after
it opened its doors ?
Q6. Would you loan money or invest in Malincho?
Q7. What are your suggestions to Kalin?

Malincho’s case is about a recently former Bulgarian entrepreneur, Kalin Pentchev that started his own business importing Feta Cheese from Bulgaria to several cities in The United States. With very little knowledge about the importing and exporting business, and with a lack of resources and economical budget, he succeeds in this field. He managed to achieve this success by researching, dedicating the correct amount of time, connecting with the right people, finding the correct financial help and creating a great and cheap logistics path, but also, by using technology as his sales strategy. Even though he had some troubles while building his company, he overtook the obstacles and expanded the company even more. While the company is getting bigger and bigger and with the sales increasing, Kalin is debating about how to obtain more capital to finance the future growth of the company and to pay his debts. Mr. Kalin Pentchev’s personality is very positive, he always believed in himself and in his dream, that’s why at the end of the case he mentioned that he never gave up. He has a lot of perseverance, determination and confidence in himself. Kalin is a good researcher and listener and also has great abilities of communication. He works hard in order to know how to plan and organize everything correctly. He has a vision, and the dream can make it reality because he is very strategic when he takes a decision. His personality is a good opportunity for his business, because that impacts directly in the fast growth of the company....
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