Martin Luther King Essay Example Rhetorical Devices

Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Kevin Valenciano

Ms. Olivas

English 101 M & W

19 Feb, 2013

The Speech That Changed America

“I have a dream,” perhaps some of the most widely known words that will always be remembered in our nation’s history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. not only had a way with his powerful words, but also with the way that he carried himself in a professional and highly educated manner. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. used several rhetorical devices in his, “I have a dream speech,” but none more powerful than the point he was trying to convey to the African American community and to the nation that was listening. He would not stop until African Americans had justice, real freedom, and rights. His “I have a dream speech” took place at the Lincoln Memorial in our nation’s capital on August 28, 1963. On this glorious day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made the public rise and made himself one of the greatest leaders of the African American civil rights movement and also one of the greatest leaders for human rights in United States history. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. attended Morehouse College, The Crozer Theological Seminary, and lastly Boston College. As you can see, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had the credentials and intelligence that helped him convey his message of equality through his powerful speeches to the people who tried to slay the ignorance that surrounded all aspects of colored skin during his time. In his speech he uses several rhetorical devices but one that caught my attention most was his use of similes throughout his speech. In his speech he states that, “Justice rolls down like waters righteousness, like a mighty stream”. Generally speaking this an excellent simile because his strong belief that justice has incredible power and that it would eventually prevail over the racism and hate that inhabited the United States. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was also known best for the role that he played in the advancement of civil rights by using non-violent civil...
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