Marginal Utility

Topics: Supply and demand, Externality, Employment Pages: 3 (600 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Problem Set 2
Name: Nichole Wharton

1. The following table presents data for wages in the market for internet security professionals.

(HINT: in the labor market the roles are reversed. Those who want to hire labor are the demanders. The workers enter the work force providing labor to the market place so they are the suppliers.)

|Wage |Quantity Demanded |Quantity Supplied | |$50,000 |20,000 |14,000 | |$60,000 |18,000 |18,000 | |$70,000 |16,000 |22,000 | |$80,000 |14,000 |26,000 | |$90,000 |12,000 |30,000 |

What is the equilibrium wage? $60,000

Now, consider this scenario: Due to an increase in the internet security threats, the government wants to apply a price control in this market to encourage more people to become internet security professionals. Assume that a wage control is set at $75,000. Will this increase the number of people entering this labor market? Why or why not? Will this increase the number of people hired? Why or why not? There would be an increase of people looking to enter this labor market but they will not be able to find work because there will be fewer jobs available because employers are forced to pay more many to employees.

2. Assume you are a policymaker in Washington DC. Lobbyists for the preschoolers of America have put pressure on their representatives to cap prices on graham...
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