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Aggressive Driving – anxiety and frustration are usually at the root of aggressive or careless driving. Occasionally, drivers find themselves in unpleasant situations involving abusive gestures or language from other drivers who take issue with how you are driving. Some tailgate, others speed through intersections or fail to yield the right of way. Aggressive driving may lead to “road rage”. If people drive responsibly they will reduce the risks of conflict on the road and help make our roads safer! Industry Facts

Distracted driving in its various forms contributes to about 9% of serious or fatal crashes. Speeding or driving too fast for conditions accounts for 18% of road fatalities. Disobeying traffic controls (lights and/or signs) accounts for about 9% of traffic fatalities. Failing to yield right-of-way represents about 8% of traffic fatalities. The Top 5 Driver Distractions

Outside person/object or event
Adjusting radio/cassette/CD
Other occupant
Unknown distraction
Object moving within the vehicle
The Top 5 Acts of Aggressive Driving
Tailgating or flashing high-beams
Passing on the shoulder
Speeding 20km over the limit
Getting frustrated in traffic
Making rude gestures
Tips to Minimize Aggression or Distractions
Always keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Don’t take other drivers’ mistakes personally.
Plan your route in advance. Some of the most erratic and inconsiderate driving occurs when drivers are lost. Ensure children are properly buckled up.
If you must use a cell phone, use a hands-free device and keep the conversation short. Don’t compete or retaliate. If someone’s driving annoys you, don’t try to educate him or her. Leave traffic enforcement to the police.
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