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Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Borderline personality disorder Pages: 3 (351 words) Published: January 3, 2013
202, safe guarding the welfare of children NOTES

Signs and Symptoms of Abuse
Physical abuse
Broken bone, burn marks/burns, aggressive, being sick on PE days, cuts& bruises, flinches, withdrawn, chunks missing from hair, drugging and black eyes.

Appearance, weight gain/loss, hunger, stealing food, head lice, medical conditions going untreated, inappropriate clothing for the weather, tiredness due to no routine, role play, lack of supervision, constant incomplete home work.

Crying on off, mean to others, timid, posture, lack of confidence, anger (outburst of temper) self-harm, withdrawn, poor communication, neurotic behaviour, attention seeking, eating disorder, fear of failure, anxious eager to please.

Sexual abuse
Behaviour with toys/role-play with others, aggression, with drawn, vocabulary, lack of eye contact, marks on the body in certain areas, bleeding, STI’s and pregnancy.

Timid, withdrawn, lack of eye contact, bruises, torn clothes, personal items always missing, skiving school, not wanting to go to school, lack of appetite tired from lack of sleep (due to worrying )faking illness, bullying another child, acting up in class or home.


Id policies + procedures guidelines and legislation to safe guard children Describe agencies involved in safe guarding children
Describe actions to take in response to disclosure
Risks and consequences of using ‘technology’
Describe whistleblowing procedures


Health visitors
Social workers
Housing dept
Doctors and nurses
Child line
Victim support
Home start
Sue start

Direct – told directly something
Indirect- role plays
Full- ALL information given willingly
Partial- only some information given

See hand outs given marked 10/10/2012

8 point plan- when a child has or is a victim of abuse
Stay calm given them time to talk
Do not...
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