Lemon Baby Case

Topics: Ethics, Family, The Child Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: October 2, 2014
This case was very interesting to read. Ethical principles to consider would be making sure that what was expected was delivered to the customers. There should have been quality checks in place before and after implantation, also to add staff should be well trained in quality checking the data that was/is input into the system. Also another aspects to look at is how it affects society and the biogenetic child. As in the case of Dr. Smalley is no longer wanted the child because “she” did not fit his specifications. He informed the CEO that he would bring the child back, as I have stated in my response to Sandra this will lead to more children in foster care and adoption agencies. The other aspect on how this would affect society currently and in the future. This technology, designer babies, is exclusive to the wealthy only and the common individual is not afforded this type of luxury to have a child of their desire. Also, the future of designer babies will affect society, these select few may be seen and also see themselves as superior or genetically superior to naturally born individuals. The question is will this cause a rift in the human species, in my opinion I think it will. It is difficult as an administrator to determine what technology is best and in what ways will/can it benefit the organization and the community. On a business stance technology can be very profitable, on the other hand can be a potentially erroneous investment if it is not researched properly or is not needed by the organization. The impact that this technology can have in families varies greatly, as in the case of “The Lemon Baby”, there are so many potential problems along with the benefits. An example could be favoritism of designer children over parents naturally born children, children developing in opposite of what was specified, i.e., not liking school, sports, or not being as beautiful/handsome as the parents envisioned. These examples can cause so many issues in society and in...
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