Killing Lincoln

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant Pages: 18 (4707 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Killing Lincoln – Part One

Page NumberPassage from text that shows the “good” writing

(First word … Last word)What qualities make this passage so appealing?

Prologue –
Page 1
“His new vice president, Andrew Johnson, has just delivered a red-face, drunken, twenty minute ramble vilifying the South that has left the crowd squirming, embarrassed by Johnson’s inebriation.”

This passage is appealing to me because you can tell that the audience was very uncomfortable and that he was clearly not in the right state of mind to deliver a speech in front of an audience. To a certain extent I can feel the emotion that the crowd felt.

Page- 32
“The unlucky are barefoot, their leather boots and laces rotted away from the rains and mud of winter. Others wear ankle-high Confederate brogans with holes in the sole and uppers. The only men sporting new boots are those who stripped them off the dead Union soldiers.” This text shows how the Union has the upper hand. The Union is funded better than the Confederates allowing them to have somewhat of an advantage. The Confederates are suffering so much at this point in the war, they are walking bare, have no food, and are slightly losing their sanity.

Page- 14
“Under normal circumstances, Grant’s next move would be to surround the city, cutting off those rail lines. He could then effect a proper siege, his encircled troops denying Lee’s army and the inhabitants of Petersburg all access to food, ammunition, and other supplies vital to life itself—or, in more graphic terms, Grant’s men would be the hangman’s noose choking the life out of Petersburg. Winning the siege would be as simple as cinching the noose tighter and tighter with each passing day, until the rebels died or starvation or surrendered, whichever came first.”

This text shows me that and makes me feel the want that the Yankees had for the war, how much they wanted to win. Grant and his men were deliberately planning on killing the lives of these men to get what they wanted, cruel, yes, but it ensured what they needed. The author makes you see exactly what the plan was and makes you imagine what these men were feeling. Pa

Page- 40
“It could be said that General Grant deserved the honor more than President Lincoln, for it was his strategy and concentrated movements of manpower that brought down the Confederate government.” This passage, to me, states more of an opinion. The honor should be distributed evenly amongst the men. This shows me who the author felt deserved the honor more than how it actually was.


Killing Lincoln – Part One

Characterization – Name of character you have selected: John Wilkes Booth

Page NumberPassage from text that shows the true nature of your character

(First word … Last word)What does this passage tell you about your character?

Page Four
“But Booth is definitely not finished. He seethes as he listens to Lincoln’s speech. The grace and poetry of the words ignite his rage. The sight of so many black faces beaming up at Lincoln off his “throne” becomes more intense” This passage shows part of the hatred that Booth has for Lincoln. It shows that Booths hatred comes from deep down and his rage ignites from inside. He is crazed with the idea of bringing down the President and you can tell by the wording in the passage!

Page 30

“Booth is actually relieved. He has made his choice. Now no one stands in his way” This statement shows that Booth will give up anything to follow through with the plan to kidnap the president. He has given up love and a free life. He has decided to dedicate his life to being a die-hard Confederate and bringing down the Union.

Killing Lincoln – Part One

Characterization – Name of character you have selected: President Abraham Lincoln

Page NumberPassage from text that shows the true nature of your character

(First word …...
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