Jonathan Swift

Topics: Jonathan Swift, John Arbuthnot, Gulliver's Travels Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Brooke Aronson
Period 2 12-13-12
Jonathan swift
Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland on November 30, 1667. His father, an attorney, also named Jonathan Swift, died before he was born. To ensure her son the best upbringing possible, Swift's mother gave him over to Godwin Swift, her late husband's brother. Godwin Swift enrolled young Swift in the Kilkenny Grammar School. At age 14, Swift achieved his undergraduate studies at Trinity College in Dublin. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 urged Swift to move to England and start over. He received a secretary position under the revered English statesman, Sir William Temple. Swift met the daughter of Temple's housekeeper, a girl named Esther Johnson. When they first met, she was 15 years Swift's junior. Despite the gap in age, they became lovers for the rest of their lives. While working for Temple, Swift went back to Ireland twice. On one trip in 1695, he did everything necessary to become an ordained priest in the Anglican tradition. In 1699, Temple died. Swift completed the editing and publishing of his memoirs. He found a position with Earl of Berkeley. After journeying a long distance to the Earl’s estate, Swift was told that the position had been filled. Discouraged but resourceful, he leaned on his priestly qualifications. He found work just 20 miles outside of Dublin, ministering to a pea-sized congregation. He also started writing again. His first political pamphlet was titled A Discourse on the Contests and Dissentions in Athens and Rome. In 1704, Swift anonymously released A Tale of a Tub and The Battle of the Books. Although it was popular with many people, it was harshly disapproved of by the Church of England. Also, Swift wrote out his private thoughts and feelings in many letters to his beloved Stella. Later, they would be published as The Journal to Stella.  In 1713, he took the job of dean at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. While working at St. Patrick's, Swift began to write...
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