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Topics: Sociology, Social class, Social stratification Pages: 51 (11958 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Ind- individualtwd- towardedu- eduationinst- institutionsci- scientific/scientist Chapter One: Sociology is the scientific study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior Humans are social by nature

Environment affects us (dad)
Individual beliefs derive from social groups
Ind can shape groups but groups provide rules and expectations for individuals To survive groups must adapt to changes in social and physical environment Conflict between traditional and new ideas (globalization in India)  

Common sense : never really questioned and seem to be sensible to any reasonable person Many common sense notions are contradictory
All accurate at some point some place and about some things
Many commonsense beliefs are challenged by social scientific evidence Sociology lets us figure out how accurate our common sense assumptions are  
Sociological perspective: we can understand our personal problems by looking at bigger picture (almost like blaming the society for ur standing) C wright millsssss: sociological imagination (CORE ORGANZING THEME) : this relationship between individual experiences and public issues EX. DOWNSIZING COMPANIES > UNEMPLOYMENT > STRESS > FAILED MARRIAGE  

SOCIOLOGISTS study issues that can be studied objectively and scientifically that those that are judgmental or value based… not whether or not god exists but how believing in him will affect a group  

WHY STUDY SOCIOLOGY: self-awareness which can improve ones life Challenges to look beyond individual explanations
Helps solve problems
Understanding of diverse cultural perspectives and how cultural differences are related to behavioral problems. Assess impact of social policies
Reveals complexities of social life
Useful skills in interpersonal relations critical thinking data collection and analysis problem solving and decision making  
Social world model
me (and my inner circle)
Micro: local organizations and community
Meso: national org, insitutions, and ethnic subcultures
Macro: community
Social world organized into two parts -- Structures & processes Structures:
Holds societies together and brings order to our lives by regulating the way the social units work together Social units (dyads ... Small groups, societies) are all linked whether its by conflict or supportive Social institutions : family, edu, religion, politics, economics, sorts, health care Provide rules roles and relationships to meet human needs and guide human behavior National society ; largest social unit.. Population of people connected by commons ideas (features social structure wit institutions and groups) Still subsystem of the interdependent global system

Usually share language and way of life
Actions taken by people in their social units
Our social positions are result of stratification (layering people into social strat based on birth income occupation and edu)  
Environment surround units: units adjust to environment, individuals adjust to units  
So u see structure and processes within the unit as well as how they react with the environment
Seeing Broader Social Context
1. How groups influence people
* Religion, home, friends, politics, sports
2. How people are influenced by their society
* People who share a culture
* People who share a territory
Social Location - Corners in Life
3. Jobs
4. Income
5. Education
6. Gender (woman still make less)
7. Age
* In US it’s a disadvantage
* More industrialized (experience)
8. Race/Ethnicity
C. Wright Mills - History and Biography
9. History- location in broad
* Stream of events
10. Biography- Individuals
* Specific Experiences ( really comes from your parents) * Life is determined by family and social class
The Global Context and the Local
11. The Global Village
* If European...
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