Interpreter of Maladies

Topics: Jhumpa Lahiri, Short story, The Clash Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Interpreter of Maladies
Practice Text Response Essay Topics

1. ‘Lahiri’s stories show the importance of communication in relationships.’ Discuss. 2. ‘Lahiri’s stories are much about much more than the migrant experience. They also explore ‘maladies’ common to all people.’ Do you agree? 3. ‘Whilst all the characters in Lahiri’s stories carry burdens in their hearts, few are able to find peace within themselves.’ Discuss. 4. ‘A person’s identity and sense of belonging is intrinsically linked to their place of origin.’ To what extent do Lahiri’s stories support this view?

5. ‘Loneliness and isolation pervade the lives of many characters in these stories.’ Do any characters find a way out of this misery? 6. ‘In Lahiri’s stories, many of the characters struggle to find love.’ Why is love so elusive for them?

7. ‘Lahiri’s stories show that all people face challenges no matter where they live in the world.’ To what extent do you agree? 8. ‘In seeking to improve their lives, some of the characters in the stories lose sight of what they truly value.’ Do you agree? 9. ‘In Interpreter of Maladies the vulnerable characters invariably become scapegoats when life becomes difficult for others.’ Do you agree? 10. ‘It is those who leave their homeland that struggle the most in Interpreter of Maladies.’ Do you agree?

11. ‘Changing one’s life will always come at some cost.’ Discuss in relation to Lahiri’s stories. 12. ‘Many of the characters in Interpreter of Maladies find personal fulfilment and growth as a result of the adversity they experience.’ Discuss. 13. ‘Lahiri paints a bleak picture of the lives of Indian women in the modern world.’ To what extent do you agree?

14. ‘The stories highlight the importance of communication and connections in people’s lives.’ Discuss. 15. ‘In her stories Lahiri explores the power of a new beginning.’ Discuss. 16. ‘Lahiri’s characters all learn something about themselves and others in...
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