International Business

Topics: Bangalore, Economics, India Pages: 4 (1079 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Cork Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Business (Honours) in Information Systems – Award (NFQ – Level 8)

Autumn 2007
International Business
(Time: 3 Hours)
Section A: Answer all question one on case study
Section B: Answer three (3) from five (5) questions.
% of marks allocated for this exam: 70

Ms. C. O’Reilly
Mr. L. Elwood

Do not write, draw or underline in red.

Section A: Case Study
A Boom in Bangalore
What is the fastest growing industry in India? Software, by far. The software industry serves as a poster child for the success of India’s economic reforms and the benefits of opening up its economy. For decades India’s universities annually graduated tens of thousands of well-training engineers, but its inward-looking economic policies often fail to utilise the engineers’ talents. In 1991, however, the Indian government relaxed its control over the economy. It reduced trade barriers, opened the door to new foreign direct investments, and modernized the country’s financial sector. The government’s economic reforms, coupled with the blossoming of the Internet, have made the Indian software industry a powerful force for modernizing India’s economy. Since the reforms were initiated in 1991, the industry has grown by an estimated 50 percent annually. Software is rapidly becoming India’s primary export. In 2002, software accounted for over $7 billion in export earnings; one government agency believes this figure will rise to $50 billion by 2008. The industry is also a magnet for FDI; in 1999 over $300 million of foreign venture capital flowed into it, double that of 1998. Experts estimate that by 2008 India’s software industry will annually attract $10 billion in venture capital from foreign firms eager to access the knowledge of India’s best and brightest students. Bangalore is the epicentre of India’s software industry; Bombay, New Delhi, and Hyderabad also house many software and information technology...
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