Identity Crisis Essay Example

Pages: 4 (1536 words) Published: July 14, 2011
Identity Crisis- A quest to find one’s true place.
There are some deep tragic incidents which have left a lifelong impact. Some of the effects these impacts leave behind are physical while others are mental and cannot be healed easily. Such events go down the history of the most unfortunate happenings ever. The most disturbing mental strains are the ones which arises out of social insecurity. Social insecurity is a state in which a person starts feeling isolated from the rest of the world. This situation may be internal or external. In case of external social insecurity you feel helpless as others tend to ignore you. The matter gets worse in case of internal social insecurity. It’s often seen that one can fight the world but not what’s disturbing him from within. The external social insecurity is often followed by the internal social insecurity which worsens the situation. Recently I came across this wonderful essay by Bharati Mukherjee known as “Two Ways to Belong to America”. Mukherjee is a US based writer who generally writes about problems faced by the immigrant community in the US. Interestingly enough this essay is based on incidents encircling her real life. The two sisters were almost similar in appearance but different in terms of thought process. Mira, was the obedient one and lived by the rules throughout her life on the other side, Bharati was a rebel; she married against her parents will and did not believe in having an organized life. Mira was a simple girl who came to the US at a very young age. She loved India and that’s why she chose to live in the US as an expatriate Indian than as an American Indian. She was always hoping to return to India after she got retired and wanted to take her last breathe in India. She did some significant work with the US education department and to an extent she was successful. Yet she wanted to be more of an Indian than an American. What seems likely is the fact that she was to stay in the...
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