I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Reflection

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It is through the poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by William Wordsworth that the reader can recognize everything nature has to offer. Wordsworth opens this poem by claiming that he is a cloud observing the nature underneath him. From here he sees a large field of daffodils, then further describes the deeper meaning of these flowers using a series of poetic devices. In the second and third stanzas, Wordsworth glorifies the image of the daffodils. He describes them as endless and “continuous as the stars that shine”. It is interesting to note how he describes the flowers in contrast to other works about nature. While other authors usually describe scenes of nature as temporary and ever-changing, Wordsworth hints at the permanent nature of these daffodils. Additionally, he uses the poetic device of foregrounding when he says “ten thousand saw I at a glance”. Wordsworth most likely used foregrounding here to emphasize his words when describing the vastness of the daffodils. In the last stanza, the poet reveals that this image is only the thought of a “pensive” thinker. This is marked by the change in the tenses, as Wordsworth switches from the past tense to the present tense. He highlights that whenever he is in a bad mood, he pictures himself as the cloud admiring the daffodils. Finally, the last line of the poem connects back to the beginning as an effort to conclude the piece. Wordsworth explains how his heart fills with pleasure and then “dances with the daffodils”, similar to earlier when he claimed how they “[flutter] and [dance] in the breeze.” It is clear that the memory of the daffodils is imprinted in his mind and soul to be cherished forever. When he's feeling lonely, dull or depressed, he thinks of the daffodils and cheers up. The full beauty of the flowers and nature did not strike him at first, but as he became lonely and sad he realized the emotional escape they provide. of law. These strict codes made Sweden very...
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