I Have a Dream

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Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech.” Was a huge turning point in the civil rights movement of the 1960s. While Dr. King argued for things such as equality, empowerment and freedom. “The Negro speaks of rivers” by Langston Hughes argues that the Negro people have always been a vital part of history. From building the pyramids to the building of America they have grown nations while growing as Negro people. Even though Dr. King and Langston Hughes had two separate bodies of literature written at two different times I believe they would have agreed on certain points and arguments.

First Body Paragraph:
Although Dr. Kings speech incorporated all sorts of arguments including equality, empowerment and freedom, Langston Hughes’ poem focuses more on black empowerment. Acknowledging that Negroes were once Kings and Queens in Africa then reminding us that they were also enslaved to build the great pyramids. Hughes creates a relationship through the movement of African Americans throughout history. Specifically examining the incredible contributions African Americans have made not just to the United States but to the world.

Second Body Paragraph:
While Langston Hughes argued for empowerment and enrichment of culture and people, Dr. King demanded equality, freedom and respect. Dr. King refused to stand by and watch his people continue to be mistreated, unfairly judged, disrespected and overlooked. He not only wrote a compelling argument but he delivered it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. The same Abraham Lincoln that Hughes refers to in his poem. “I heard the singing of Mississippi when Abe Lincoln went down to New Orleans, and I’ve seen its muddy blossom turn all gold in the sunset.”

Third Body Paragraph:
Both of these incredibly successful Scholars helped to bring an end to the civil rights movement, passing new constitutional amendments. What I find so surprising is how they both made such an incredible impact with melodic forms of...
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