I Grew Up Here

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I Grew Up Here, when my Twin brother and I came home form the hospital a month later after we were born. When we go home, my mother said we had twin cribs and each side of the room was divided in have one was mine, one was my twin brothers. The House Had Very beautiful pink paint on it and even a little garage. The house had six (6) rooms in it so my two older sisters had their own room. My oldest Brother had him his own room. My auntie at the time she was living with her had a room. Me and my twin Brother had a room, and then my mother and father had a room. I can remember that my brother had blue paint on the walls with all his power rangers lined up on the wall (I Love to steal his toys). My oldest sister had a purple room and on the wall laid flowers as beautiful as the sunny Day. She wanted a little bed so she can play and dance around. My Other sister Christina (was the evil one (my mom said)) had basketballs all around her room she was the other one I got into things with. The room me and my brother shared was have blue and have red. This room was filled with strips and glow in the dark stars that made me fill like I was in space.

We lived there with my dad the first seven years of my life the we all moved with my mother at the beginning of the 2001. Me and my brother and sisters move to four (4) houses after that. This one house we lived at on joy RD. had ghost in them, it was this man that died in 1976 when his wife died form falling down the stairs, he only had his self to blame. So his name was Jason McCann living all, after his wife died he didn’t find no use to come outside anymore. It as been years since anyone had talked to old man Jason, or in that case had ever seen him. Ten years after his wife died he lived alone with his one dog and cat trying to deal with the fact his wife was gone, his true love. Jason McCann died on May 12,1983 by the way of hanging his self on the bed frame in his bedroom. Some people say that he killed his self...
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