I am a tube babe

Topics: Family, Artificial insemination, Reproduction Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: October 28, 2014

I Am A Test Tube Baby

For many years has been speculation about artificial fertilization. My parents had trouble getting my mother to stay pregnant. They try all the procedures and recommendations that doctors gave them and they came to lose hope someday to be a family. After 5 years of being married television my parents heard the news of artificial insemination. a day of many more than 23 years ago my parents where they arrived a specialist in artificial insemination to obtain more information on this procedure. After the doctor will explain how everything worked and where the semen they agreed to try this new form of artificial insemination so she could get pregnant was acquired. After a long process my mother could get pregnant and they felt very satisfied by the child they had. at the age of 10 years always received the same love and affection than any child could have. During my puberty sometimes felt as if my parents were not there with me even if they were present but something deep inside me made me feel empty like that. Years went by and my friends met my parents and many years since I bothered no one had any kinship with my dad even though they are the ones who have been with me from the time I was born. I always had doubts about why we did not have any kinship with them. When I turned 16 years they ask about my facial traits of that was a little browner than them, and they just looked at each other as if trying to hide something. In many days my parents sat down to talk to me and I was going to explain that to my question. They began to tell me that my father was not fertile and they tried everything to have a child and raise a family. They explained how they were where a specialist to begin the process and if my mother was suitable for this process of artificial insemination. They said they obtained sperm from a sperm bank where a man donated his sperm for these tests. When they told me the true I felt very emotionally shattered...
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