Human Communication: Speech Outline

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SPCH 1311—Introduction to Human Communication
Instructions: You will develop a speech informing the audience about an object, concept, process, or event. The speech should follow the guidelines for effective informative discourse as presented in chapter 17 of the Human Communication text.

A typed full-sentence outline of the speech, including references, is due on the day you present in class. The outline should be formatted in Times New Roman, 12 point font, one inch margins, double spaced, and include a cover page that lists: the title of the speech, your name, institution’s name, and date. You are required to have a visual aid for this speech. Materials: Note Cards, Formal Outline, Visual Aid, Yourself

Time: 5-7 minutes total
Dress: Business Professional
Informative Speech “To Do” List
1 You will prepare a speech which is either a:
o Speech of Definition/Explanation
o Speech of Description
o Speech of Demonstration
2 Select a topic that is appropriate for your audience. It is best that you are also familiar with the information.
3 Begin your question for research—you are required to have three sources!!! 4 All sources should be cited within as in-text citations within the written outline of the speech, as well as in the reference page.

5 Research can be taken from books, journals, reference books or the internet (.org, .gov, .edu, and .mil are acceptable extensions).
6 You will develop a formal-preparation outline, which means complete sentences. 7 During your presentation, you must orally cite your sources in order to establish credibility with the audience.
8 You must have a presentation aid to accompany your speech. 9 It will help if you structure your note cards as follows:
o First Card – Introduction *Should be memorized
o Second Card – First Main Point
o Third Card – Second Main Point
o Fourth Card- Third Main Point
o Fourth Card – Conclusion *Should be memorized
10 Your formal outline is due on the day you submit your speech via eCampus. 11 You will have 5 to 7 minutes to present your speech.
12 Attire is business casual. No jeans or tennis shoes! Guys a tie would be nice, but not required.
The Specific Purpose & Central Idea
The specific purpose should state your purpose precisely. The specific purpose below begins with an infinitive and is written as a complete statement. However, it provides little detail about the aspect of car brakes you will be speaking about.

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about car brakes.
Your central idea should summarize the main points of your speech. It states the message you want your audience to remember when your speech is done.
Central Idea: In an emergency situation, the hard braking method used to stop cars with anti-lock brakes can lock up traditional brakes on older rear-wheel and front-wheel drive cars.
The central idea teaches us several things: (1) there are two types of brakes in cars (2) older cars have traditional brakes (3) different methods are required for safe braking depending on the type of brakes a car has.

The central idea does not simply restate the specific purpose. The central idea reveals the content of your speech. You can formulate your specific purpose shortly after selecting your topic. However, you should allow your research to lead you toward a central idea rather than approach the speech with preconceived notions.

Both your specific purpose and your central idea will be more effective if you:  express each as a single, complete sentence
 avoid stating the sentence as a question
 use clear language
 avoid vague or general statements
The Basic Structure of a Speech
All speeches contain at least three parts:
An Introduction
A Body
A conclusion
In the Introduction, you state the topic of your speech. You tell the audience the main points of your speech. In other words, you say what you are going to speak about. In the Body, you speak about each point in detail. For each point you must give the audience...
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