Horse Whisperer Essay Example

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“Compare the ways personal experience is presented in “Horse whisperer” and another poem of your choice”

The poems “Horse whisperer” and “The ruined maid” portray a sense of personal experience in their poems. Andrew Foster’s poem, “Horse whisperer” tells us about how a horse whisperer was used in his society when he was needed but was then kicked out as technology advanced whilst Thomas Hardy’s poem “The ruined maid” shows us how a young and innocent farm girl has turned into a posh and classy women due to a change in her lifestyle.

In Fosters poem, the use of emotional language implies that he has a lot of love and passion for the horses he trains. The last stanza is only about the horses he used to train. The language he uses shows us that his feelings towards the horses will never change and that he still adores and admires them. The phrase ‘still I miss them’ suggests that he didn’t want to go as he loved what he did in the past although he had no choice but to leave. On the other hand, Hardy’s poem uses modern language to make Melia sound more sophisticated. The first three lines of stanza three and now from the way she speaks. Line eleven highlights that as someone who was brought up in a low- class society before but is now acting classy and posh suggests that her occupation and lifestyle has become better when in fact it hasn’t as Melia is used by other men in her new society. Melia may feel she wants to go back to her old lifestyle due to her personal experience. Both poems coney a person being used for who they are.

In addition, both poems use enjambment to portray their strong feelings towards society. The poem “Horse whisperer” uses personal pronouns and the third person to convey a sense of seperation in his society. The first stanza consists of the words ‘my’ and ‘their’. This highlights that the horses in their society were seperated from the narrator and the horses owners, as maybe he was seen as someone different. In contrast, “The...
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