Global Warming

Topics: Earth, Precipitation, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Global Warming
So are we digging our own grave ?
So what is global warming ?
Earth is naturally insulated by the delicate balance of heat-trapping which is also called Green House gasses in the atmosphere. When the sun shines on the earth a part of that heat is absorbed, Keeping the Earth warm enough for us humans to live on ! But what went wrong ?

Over the last centuary, we humans have been releasing more and more carbon dioxide and other heat trapping gasses into our atmosphere when we burn fuels and cut down forests. These additional gasses are disrupting and upsetting the natural balance of our atmosphere, trapping more heat then is healthy for our planet Earth But how can we tell this is happening ?

We can tell that everything is not right due to Floodings , Droughts and the Atmosphere suddenly increasing at a violent volicity backlashing with Cyclones and Thunderstorms Who else is effected ?

Polor bears are on the brink of facing extinction due to the polor ice melting which is there natural habit. Due to the melting of ice the life cycle of penguins is getting disturbed leading to their death.

So what are the Looming Threats facing us ?
Rising Sea levels are increasing , which is leading to a greater increase of coastal earosion. Increased drought and increased incidence of wildfires
Greater stress on many forests, wetlands and other natural ecosystems Impacts on human health as disease insects carry infections and spread diseases over a larger geographical regions Who can make a difference ?

Steps that we ourselves can take
Use the washing machine or dishwasher only when they they are full Reuse your shopping bag
Plant a tree
Fly less
Do no leave appliances on standby
Buy fresh Foods instead of frozen
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