Giving Voice to Values

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MGT 424_Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

ANALYSIS OF: Giving Voice to Values

Submitted to:
Alan Lasley

Prepared by:
Bruce Davis

Scott AFB, IL

March 9, 2014

1.0 Introduction: This case is centered upon Denise Foley and the major regional hospital where she works. A new CEO was hired to run the hospital. A month and a half into the job he promoted Ms. Foley to Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. After a year in her new role she finds herself in a professional crisis. The CEO upon review of his inherited situation and the bleak financial future of the hospital obtained via a contracted consultant, has determined the best course of action is to sell the hospital to a for-profit institution. Ms. Foley does not agree with this course of action and is experiencing internal conflicts where her loyalties to the CEO are at war with her assessment of the situation. Compounding the situation are her concerns about the impact this course of action would have on the community and her family.

2.0 Problem or Central Issue: The central issue is Denise Foley’s disagreement with the CEO’s projected course of action regarding the future of the major regional hospital.

3.0 Facts:

Major Regional Hospital
Weak financial future could lead to its sale to for-profit institution

Denise Foley
Promoted to Senior VP by new CEO after 45 days
Feels assessment of contracted consultant is incorrect
Disagrees with CEO about projected course of action, the sale of the hospital Fears adverse action to voicing her opinion (i.e., loss of job, colleague, etc.)

Contracted consultant to provide future financial outlook of the hospital Lacked confidence in the hospital CEO, kept him out of the analysis Agreed with consultant advisement, best course of action is to sell the hospital to a for-profit institution

4.0 Opinions:

Denise Foley
Impact of...
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