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IB204 Mock exam 1
1) Tightly curled or wooly hair is caused by a dominant gene in humans. If a heterozygous curly-haired person marries a person with straight hair, what fraction of their offspring would be expected to have straight hair? A) 1/2 straight

B) 1/4 curly
C) 100% straight
D) 3/4 curly
E) It is impossible to predict the outcome.

2) Assume that a black guinea pig crossed with an albino guinea pig produced 5 black offspring. When the albino was crossed with a second black one, 4 black and 3 albino offspring were produced. What genetic explanation would apply to these data? A) Albino = recessive; black = recessive

B) Albino = dominant; black = incompletely dominant.
C) Albino and black = codominant
D) Albino = recessive; black = dominant..
E) none of the above

3) The Chi-square test involves a statistical comparison between measured (observed) and predicted (expected) values. One generally determines degrees of freedom as A) the number of categories being compared.

B) one less than the number of classes being compared.
C) one more than the number of classes being compared.
D) ten minus the sum of the two categories.
E) the sum of the two categories.

4) Assume that a cross is made between AaBb and aabb plants and that all the offspring are either AaBb or aabb. These results are consistent with the following circumstance: A) complete linkage.
B) alternation of generations.
C) codominance.
D) incomplete dominance.
E) hemizygosity.

5) Assume that a cross is made between AaBb and aabb plants and that the offspring occur in the following numbers: 106 AaBb, 48 Aabb, 52 aaBb, 94 aabb. These results are consistent with the following circumstance: A) sex-linked inheritance with 30% crossing over.

B) linkage with 50% crossing over.
C) linkage with approximately 33 map units between the two
gene loci.
D) independent assortment.
E) 100% recombination.

6) With incomplete dominance, a likely ratio resulting from a monohybrid cross would be ________. A) 3:3
B) 1:2:2:4
C) 1:2:1
D) 9:3:3:1
E) 3:1

7) Often, a mutation in a gene results in a reduction of the product of that gene. The term given for this type of mutation is A) codominance.
B) incomplete dominance.
C) gain of function.
D) multiple allelism.
E) loss of function or null (in the case of complete loss).

You have been given the following dataset and you have been told that it is results from a 3-point mapping study.

Phenotypic groupNumber of Progeny
Group 1402
Group 221
Group 341
Group 43
Group 52
Group 663
Group 723
Group 8389

8) Which group(s) are the parental groups?

A) Groups 3 and 5
B) Groups 2, 3, 6, and 7
C) Groups 2 and 3
D) Groups 6 and 7
E) Groups 1 and 8

9) The difference between a genetic screening experiment and a selection experiment is that a screening experiment involves ________, whereas a selection experiment creates conditions that ________ irrelevant organisms. A) temperature extremes; enhance

B) visual examination; eliminate
C) chemical removal; activate
D) complementation analysis; enhance
E) epistasis analysis; enhance

10) Select three posttranscriptional modifications often seen in the maturation of mRNA in eukaryotes. A) 5'-capping, 3'-poly(A) tail addition, splicing
B) 3'-capping, 5'-poly(A) tail addition, splicing
C) removal of exons, insertion of introns, capping
D) 5'-poly(A) tail addition, insertion of introns, capping
E) heteroduplex formation, base modification, capping

11) A class of mutations that results in multiple contiguous (side-by-side) amino acid changes in proteins is probably caused by the following type of mutation: A) frameshift.
B) transversion.
C) transition.
D) base analog.
E) recombinant.

12) What is the name given to the three bases in a messenger RNA that bind to the anticodon of tRNA to specify an amino acid placement in a protein? A) protein
B) anti-anticodon
C) cistron
D) rho
E) codon...
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