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Topics: Magic, Kobold Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: January 5, 2013
Dreamvillian was a young mage who lived in goldshier with with his two parents and brother James. They lived happily on one of the many farms that where situated in elwin forest. His father was a simple farmer but use to be a mage of stormwind, but after a fatel accident while he was practising the arts of the arcane he promised he will never use magic again. From a young age Dreamvillian was fascinated by magic and pleaded with his father to teach him. After being refused Dreamvillian became frustrated. But by luck he found a crate of old sorcery books that where written by his father. The detail of the books where amazing and had many powerful spells in it. Ranging from balls of fire. To bolts of multiple arcane energy. With out the consent of his father the young mage practised the contents of the book behind on of the old barns that where scattered along the the green bushy terrain. At the young age of 14 he was able to throw weak balls of fire, but fire none the less. With each session his powers and understanding of the arts grew but ever so slowly.

One day dreamvillian decided to put his skill and knowledge to the test by heading over to the old jangalode mine that was inhabited by filthy mongrel kobolds, Kobolds where pesky creatures that where small in structure and seemed to be a cross between a small humanoid and a rat, Regardless of there rather pathetic image kobolds where not a force to reckon with . They tend to be equipped with mining picks and don’t take to kindly with trespassers, and if they catch you of guard can bring down the most mighty warrior with there sheer numbers and aggression. But dreamvillian was not disheartened by the stories of kobolds kidnapping little kids who don’t behave and marched down to the mine with his spell twig in hand and a ripped page from his fathers book that gave tips on how to conjure a fireball from thin air. He scouted around the mine for hours but had no luck finding a kobold straying from there fort,...
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