Egyptian Fashion

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Egyptian Fashion

Egyptian Clothing
The main focus of Egyptian clothing was to keep cool under the hot Egyptian sun; they idolized the human body and had physical ideals that are very similar to the ones we hold today. The clothing that they wore complimented the lines of a slender figure and was often adorned with gems and jewels if they were rich. These ideas helped name ancient Egyptians the very first society to have an identifiable style among the ancient civilizations.

The basic elements of ancient Egyptian clothing included linen made from the fibers of the flax plant. These fabrics helped to keep Egyptians cool and where usually left in their natural colour of beige white. They used techniques such as sewing, spinning an weaving to create their linens and pioneered these techniques in the ancient world. While there where natural dyes available they where usually reserved for nobles, animal fibers where known but considered impure. Only nobles where permitted to wear these materials and they could not be worn in places of worship. Pharaohs

A garment that was considered a strictly royal item would be the royal kilt, also known as the “Schenti”. It first came into the Egyptian society during the fourth dynasty but remained as a constant for the rest of Egyptian history. This Kilt also had the accordion pleating and was unique to the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh would usually wear more transparent clothing in order to display his or her body as a symbol of wealth and status.

Unique accessories
Staffs where held by people of power and the pharos are often depicted carrying “Shepherds Crook” style of staff. Another accessory that was a unique emblem of the pharaoh, would be the Nemes headdress that were originally made up of a piece of cloth that was gathered together at the back of the Pharaoh’s head. They would also wear this head piece over wigs. Fine accordion pleating was stylish and the Nemes where adorned with these creases as well as...
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