E-Bay – The Ultimate E-Business

Topics: Auction, Electronic commerce, EBay Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: January 23, 2014
1. eBay is one of the only major Internet “pure plays” to consistently make a profit from its inception. What is eBay’s e-business model and why has it been so successful? e-bay so successful cause it offers all you need with lower prices than any other place, and some times used items are new no one really used but bough with mistake usually we through them out but e-bay used this in information technology way, e-bay used the technology of website and online payment and offer you the way to how to sell them with truly less prices, and help people that they bought this items by mistake and you pay for them some of it’s price so they lost is less and you pay less so you gain more than the item cause of the discount you got, that’s all through e-bay, e-bay gives good way to sellers and buyers to use the internet with secure way, to protect the customer and selle. eBay began in the C2C space, using the brokerage value model and collecting transaction fees in consumer-to-consumer auctions. Rapid user growth created community, content, and search value streams, which in turn created the critical mass for substantial advertising revenue. B2B followed by offering the Small Business Exchange. In addition, there is nothing that would prevent eBay from licensing its technology in the B2B space, for industry-specific auctions. eBay could potentially expand into the B2C space, providing firms the option of auctioning merchandise directly to consumers using the eBay infrastructure. Finally, while this would be the greatest stretch for eBay, it could choose to move into the C2B space, allowing consumers to “name their own price” for merchandise and services.

2. Other major Web sites, like Amazon.com and Yahoo!, have entered the e-marketplace with far less success than eBay. How has eBay been able to maintain its dominant position? The obvious answer is that eBay's first-mover advantage allowed it to dominate the online auction space. eBay also has an...
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