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After a whole year working or studying, we often need a vacation to relax ourselves. Whether our vacation experiences were good or bad, everyone has a dream vacation in their minds. In my opinion, a dream vacation should have three features:traveling with people you like, having enough free time, and going somewhere at the right time.

First, traveling with someone we like is necessary, because we respect each other and know their living habits. Usually family and friends are our best choices. Imaging that going somewhere with a stranger we have never met before; we do not care about their feeling, we might argue about different travel plans. These divergences will surely make us feel tired. However, traveling with our dear friends and family is totally different. Last year, I went to Hong Kong with my friend Yu Ning. Both of us like sleeping until 11:00 a.m, going to interesting places in the afternoon, and then hanging out on the street at night. We have the same living clock; both of us can enjoy the schedule that might make others crazy.

Second, enough free time makes a vacation a genuine rest. A leisurely short vacation is much better than a longer one in which we have lots of work to do. There is an important tip for dream vacations: keep your cell phone silent. It doesn’t mean we must turn it off but we should tell our fellows and bosses to contact us when we are back to work. My aunt and her husband are doctors; they have to answer the calls from their patients at any time. Their phone calls always ruin their family vacations. For their little daughter, a vacation with both mom and dad is the best this little kid can hope. In my opinion, this couple never had good vacations before.

Last, going somewhere at the right time makes a vacation perfect. We don’t want to miss the best season at a certain destination, but the best season always means the busiest season or the most crowded season. How to balance these two points is highly relevant to the...
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