Critical Incident

Topics: Poverty, Meal, Starvation Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: January 17, 2013
It was a cold friday afternoon as I sat at the bus stop waiting to get home. I had just got out of an intense Friday lecture from the Northampton local Mosque. The Imam was furious and obviously disgusted at the behavior of our generation. "How do we live with ourselves" Imam Aseem Ibrahim had said. "Most of us have enough to feed ourselves and our family, even buy the latest gadgets just because we can but do we feed the poor? Do we clothed them?" He said in anger as he chocked on the words. The lecture kept on playing in my head as I waited for the bus. It made me realize, we could do some good with the money we spend on some unnecessary things especially the ones we buy for ourselves to please others. Earlier, I had planned on buying the new Manchester United away jersey, but with what the Imam said, I don't think I need it anymore. I could use at least half the money to do good for others. Just as I drift on my thoughts, I noticed a fish and chips cart which reminded me of the breakfast and lunch I had missed. I had been staying up late studying that I forgot about a couple of meals. "Don't starve yourself in the course of feeding others." The Imam had said while giving his lectures. I starved myself but it wasn't because I was trying to feed anybody, I was just trying to catch up on loss time. I got up and got myself some fish and chips then sat back at the bus stop seats. As soon as I had the first swallow, I realized I could help poor people by feeding them delicious food with a reasonable amount of money. The food was relatively cheap. I smiled and continued to enjoy. Halfway through my meal, I saw a little Indian boy with an elderly woman walking towards my direction. The boy smiled at me so I smiled and offered him my food. The little boy smiled again and shook his head. "Are you sure?' He shook his head and stopped walking.

"Alright then." I went on with my meal.
A few minutes later, the bus arrived and just as I motioned to get on it, the elderly...
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