Compromise of 1877 Essay Example

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AP US History

Even though compromises and agreements look straight forward, the parties involved usually have ulterior motives. The Compromise of 1877 was consisted of a few main point. It called for the withdrawal of all federal troops from the South, supported internal improvements in the South and promised to appoint at least one Southerner to the cabinet. Also it gave conservative Southern Democrats some control over their local patronage and gave the South a free hand in race relations. Many may have seen these details as a way to mend the country back together, however it was really just a despicable plan. Although the Compromise of 1877 was successful in burying sectional tensions, in reality, it was a cynical political deal because it was a fraudulent election, white conservatives maintained power, and blacks became disenfranchised. During the election of 1876, political improprieties between Tilden and Hayes caused tensions between the two parties. The Republicans thought they could once again use the tactic and political stand of “waving the bloody shirt,” which had secured their victories for the past two presidential elections. Unfortunately for the Republicans, American voters had forgotten the Civil War already, and Tilden won the popular vote over Hayes and led the electoral vote 184 to 165. The winner was not decided yet because 20 votes were disputed by the Republican governments in South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana. Resulting from the miscommunication and corruption on both sides of the ticket, Congress had to form a special commission comprised of 5 members from the Senate, House, and Supreme Court. It was decided that exactly seven Democrats, seven Republicans, and one Independent would be allowed, to keep the commission neutral. The Republicans, desperate for a win, devised a plan to have the only independent justice on the bench elected into the Senate by his state’s legislature. When he resigned to assume his new position, all of...
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