Competitive Intelligence System

Topics: Strategy, Strategic management, Competitive intelligence Pages: 2 (336 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Competitive Intelligence System

Outline Prep (Very Rough Draft)

Submitted by: George T. Boldizsar

June 30, 2002

Ist. Create your Competitive Industry Profile
Using Porter’s 5 Competitive Forces Model
Using Corporate Strategy & Technology Policy Outline
(For key Rivals only)

How to Gather Info
Survey and gather together Key (strategic & functional) Knowledge workers Form potential CAT (Competitive Assessment/Action Teams)
To include member from R&D, Mfg., Mkt./Sales + key support function i.e. Controllers, Customer Service, Eng., QC Provide best understanding from CI Profile, create issue-specific info needs Seek consensus on assessments, assumptions, etc.

Note areas needing more in-depth anaylis, fact finding, outside research

Publish profile findings , review with top management
Seek mgt’s input, understanding, agreement
(Note: Expect some conflict due to their own informal intelligence findings, current strategic plan objectives, etc.)

2nd System Elements
The above will now become the basis for any needed, desired decision making impacting the corporate/division/business-unit strategic plan, i.e.
Response to a competitive threat
A New produt/new market entry consideration
An economic or Govt. Regulation impact on whole industry
To maintain/improve competitive advantage
To anticipate a key competitor(Rival’s) response to Co.’s initiative
(Here the use of the Strategic Response Form

3rd Form key CAT’s (Competitive Analysis/Action Teams ( Per above) Teams to monitor normal information flow from field, outside contacts, specific industry news journals, etc.

Role will be to provide on-going and specific assessments
Create a form for Key Competitor Assessments for updates, clarification of concerning news, basic monitoring and awareness of competitor and industry happenings

Will provide...
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