Code of Conduct

Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: September 24, 2013
My Work With Teams
I have played on a soccer team since the age of eight and have played in a competitive soccer league since the age of twelve. My weeks from that age until the age of eighteen consisted of two to three practice sessions during the week and one to two matches every weekend. In other words, I have been brought up through my maturing stages surrounded by a team of soccer players who I consider my second family o this day. Not only was i deeply involved with the same team since a young age, but I have been the captain, the leader, since the age of fourteen. While participating in the team for numerous years has taught me what teamwork and interdependence really mean, being the captain has showed me the real essence and workings of a group of individuals that work towards the same exact goal. What I love most about a team is that every individual knows that he or she has a whole family supporting him or her and that no decision is a bad decision because there are always people there to correct the mistakes that quickly turn into lessons. Another thing I love about teams is that if they are well formed, the individuals that compose them become good friends and can continue to form teams in the future. On the contrary, the only negative aspect about teams for me is that having a “bad” teammate is inevitable and a lot of times this individual is a hindrance to the flow and success of the team. I tend to get very nervous before the commencement of a new season or a new project, thinking about what role I will play and who I will have to work with, because naturally while I want the team to succeed I also want to make a significant contribution an succeed personally. The nerves I get come from the uncertainty of what I will have to do in order to accomplish this. In the past, I always seem to take the right steps and I always seem to make a significant positive difference to the teams I have been a part of. While I am sure that I will succeed...
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