chapter 3 challenge and change

Topics: Sociology, Political philosophy, Social work Pages: 4 (1110 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Chapter 3: Forces that influence social change
Hannah Neto

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1. 500 Women were surveyed at Bennington College in the mid 1930’s about their political and social views. They were taught about liberal values such as a belief in the need for a significant role for government in matters of social welfare and social justice. Newcomb discovered that the liberal environment at Bennington moved students’ values to a belief in the responsibility of government and society to care for the less fortunate. The same survey happened again with the same group of woman in 1961, they liberal values were still intact. Another survey was taking place in 1984, and the women’s’ views were more liberated then they have been in their middle age and even in their youth. From this evidence, Bennington believed that the social teachings we are taught when we are young stays with us until we are older, and our thoughts on the subject grow with the years. 2. Conditions for social change:

Leadership: Charismatic leaders; an example would be Adolf Hitler. The Role of Elites: Create change and influence; an example would be in Saudi Arabia, the efforts of an elite political group of princes (Sheiks), with the assistance of increasing wealth from oil reserves. A popular ready for change: Society must agree with the leader; an example of this would be when voting for a new politician, society must agree with the politicians values and way of change before they decide to vote. Impediments for social change:

Traditional cultural values: That consists of charity and humility to workers. The expense: societies values
Social science inquiry: social sciences itself
5. Social change can go both ways, it could be a good and also bad. A good social change would be when the U.S ended slavery and that was a positive social change because it affected peoples lives in a well manner, without as much worries. A bad social change would be when Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany and...
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