Battle Anaysis

Topics: Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Gulf War Pages: 3 (687 words) Published: October 9, 2013
Battle Analysis Outline: Operation Desert Sabre
The Battle of 73 Easting
1. Define the subject/evaluate sources:
a. Operation Desert Sabre was the large-scale ground attack against the Iraqi Republican Guard (mechanized infantry, armor and tank units) occupying Kuwait and in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm; consisted of soldiers from the U.S. Army and Marines, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom and Syria lasting roughly 100hrs from 24 February 1991 to 27 February 1991. The Battle of 73 Easting is a decisive battle for Coalition forces that took place on 26-27 February 1991. This battle took place in the desert on the southeastern boarder of Iraq and close to the Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia boarders. This battle is known as the last great tank battles in history. b. Sources used are news/web articles, encyclopedias and videos 2. Review the Setting (set the stage):

a. Strategic/Operational Overview: The mission of the ground forces was to push out the Iraqi ground forces from strongholds in Kuwait City and southern Iraq in order to liberate Kuwait and regain control of its oil reserves. b. Area of Operations:

1. Weather- High of 77 and low of 55.
2. Terrain- Dessert, Dessert, UTM north-south coordinate line 73 Easting c. Principle Antagonists (Operational/Tactical)
1. Coalition forces-estimated 4,500 troops, Iraq troops estimated at about 3,000. 2. Self propelled howitzers, M3 Bradley, M1A1 Abrams, radar, thermal sights, laser guided bombs, antitank missiles, Dragon ATGM, and multiple other weapons and advanced technology. 3. Tank Battle

4. Supplies were moved with the units with some armored vehicles. Coalition forces also had the use of fixed wing and rotary wing assets. The US had the advantage. 5. Spies, Captured messengers (SIGINT), Prisoners (HUMINT)

6. The extensive Western training of coalition forces along with equal to or superior technology. 7. Radio communications
8. Coalition forces: Herbert Raymond McMaster, Joseph Sartiano,...
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