Apwh Ch 33 Notes

Topics: World War II, Cold War, Soviet Union Pages: 4 (1321 words) Published: August 5, 2013
20.Pakistan defined itself in terms of religion, fell under the control of military leaders, andsaw its Bengali-speaking eastern section secede to become the independent nation of Bangladesh in 1971. India, a secular republic with a 90 percent Hindu population,inherited a larger share of industrial and educational resources and was able to maintainunity despite its linguistic heterogeneity.30.In Southeast Asia, the defeats that the Japanese inflicted on the British, French, andDutch forces in World War II set an example of an Asian people standing up to Europeancolonizers. In the post-war period nationalist movements led to the independence of Indonesia (1949), Burma and the Malay Federation (1948), and the Philippines (1946.)B0.The Struggle for Independence in Africa10.The postwar French government was determined to hold on to Algeria, which had asubstantial French settler population, vineyards, and oil and gas fields. An Algerian revoltthat broke out in 1954 was pursued with great brutality by both sides, but ended Frenchwithdrawal and Algerian independence in 1962.20.None of the several wars for independence in sub-Saharan Africa matched the Algerianstruggle in scale. But even without war, the new states suffered from a variety of problems including arbitrarily drawn borders, overdependence on export crops, lack of national road and railroad networks, and overpopulation.30.Some of the politicians who led the nationalist movements devoted their lives to riddingtheir homelands of foreign occupation. Two examples are Kwame Nkrumah, theindependence leader and later president of Ghana and Jomo Kenyatta, who negotiated theindependence and became first president of the Republic of Kenya.40.The African leaders in the sub-Saharan French colonies were reluctant to call for independence because they realized that some of the colonies had bleak economic prospects and because they were aware of the importance of the billions of dollars of French public investment....
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