Anne Frank Book Report Essay Example

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Michaela Hunter
June 4, 2007
LA- Book Report
The Diary of Anne Frank
1. The Diary of Anne Frank is about a young Jewish girl who lived during Hitler’s time in power. I chose to read about Anne Frank because I wanted to know how the Jewish people were treated in the time of Hitler. I also have had many friends who have read this book, and said that it is very good. By reading this biography, I learned that it was very hard for Jewish people like Anne to survive back then, and that the Germans were very unkind to Jewish people because they thought that Jews were unworthy, and the cause of the troubles which arose after the first world war (in the afterword). To get the Germans to fight for Hitler and support his ideas, he convinced the people that all of their misfortunes from the previous war were the Jews’ fault, and that they should get revenge.

2. The person who helped Anne Frank the most during her life was her father Otto Frank. She even admitted in her diary that she loved him more than she did her mother. She said that her mother was mean and uncaring, while her father was kind and loving. Anne believed that she had more in common with her father, and didn’t think very highly of her mother. Most of the adults in the Secret Annex enjoyed criticizing Anne and her bringing up. Her father was the only one of the group of adults that would stand up for her, and prove the others wrong when the rest criticized her. Anne’s father was her main source of encouragement, and she loved him more than any other adult in her life.

3. Anne Frank went through many hardships during her short lifetime. When she was 13, her sister Margot received a call-up from the German Army to go to a concentration camp. In the middle of that night, their family left their home and belongings, and went into hiding in the Secret Annex. While Anne Frank, her family, and several other Jews were in hiding, they went through boredom, starvation, and the constant fear of

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