Animal Farm - Equality Essay Example

Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: October 18, 2011
Grade 12 Model Answer – Animal Farm

‘All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.’ Discuss the bitter truth of this in the context of the story. Provide examples as evidence.

George Orwell presents the story of Manor Farm, run by the drunken laggard, Mr. Jones. The animals live in terrible conditions – often underfed and badly treated – as a direct result of Jones’ poor management. One night, the animals rallied by a speech by one of the most senior and respected animals on the farm, the pig, Old Major, decide that the only way to lead a better existence is to rebel – more precisely – revolt against Jones, thereby freeing them from the tyrannical regime they were being subjected to.

Old Major dies shortly after making his portentous speech and it is left to two pigs – Snowball and Napoleon – to rise to the occasion and lead the other animals in triumph over Jones chasing him and all the other humans off the farm. Snowball, by far the most intelligent of the animals, immediately sets to work to enact the changes which Old Major had envisioned and put into practice his ideology. The first major change is to rename their empire and call it Animal Farm. The ideology of Old Major becomes known as ‘Animalism’ and, with it the pigs – believing themselves to of far greater intellect than their fellow animals – direct operations and form various committees. Snowball convenes a series of meetings to outline his strategy, in line with that of Old Major, and the animals, with the exception of Napoleon, go along with the propaganda. Seven commandments, based upon Old Major’s philosophy are drawn up and Snowball paints them onto the side of the large barn. The seventh commandment “All animals are equal” is the one they remember as they sing ‘Beasts of England’ – the anthem which galvanizes their spirit and resolve.

Unknown to the other animals, however, is Napoleon’s cunning and deceitful nature. Whilst Snowball is concerned with the welfare of the...
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