Abortions: Should Be Legal in Cases of Rape or Incest Essay Example

Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: February 20, 2013
To become pregnant due to a rape or incest act is a horribly violent crime but abortion can never be justified. the unborn entity is not when its presence does not endanger its mother's life as in the case of a tubal pregnancy .it is the rapist who is the aggressor. the unborn entity is just as much an innocent victim as it is the mother. for that reason abortion cannot be justified on the basis that the unborn is an aggressor. As it is well known the killing of a human being is a crime, then killing a unborn child is a very serious crime considering that is innocent , is a defenseless creature and has human life. It is argued that pregnancy caused rape or incest affects women's mental health and for that reason the victim should not be obliged to carry the fetus to viability. psychological studies have shown that when given the proper support, most pregnant rape victims progressively change their attitudes towards their unborn child from one something repulsive to someone innocent and uniquely worthwhile. Pregnancy by rape and incest act is the result of a grave injustice though abortion cannot be justified for any reason. The unborn baby is an innocent victim, it cannot be killed. Human being killing is a crime considering that the unborn entity is a human life. There are psychological studies which show change in proper-supported victims. Adoption can be an opportunity for unborn babies. Though pregnancy is a difficult situation. The victim could develop true understanding and charity with psychological treatment in that time. A child does not lose its right to life simply because its father or its mother was a sexual criminal or deviant victim. Two wrongs do not make a right. So, is it to better to try to develop virtues than to countenance an ethic of destruction as the solution?
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