A&P- Critical Analysis

Topics: Grocery store, Short story, Fiction Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: May 21, 2011
Name: Eyad Jalal
Class Name: COM1102
Submission Date: 5/15.2011
I have chosen to write about the short story "A&P." The story takes place in 1961 in a small town of New England, which has a small grocery store named A&P grocery store. The town contains very less population. From the setting, I came to a conclusion that the town was a very low maintenance town where everybody knows everybody (very tight community) with mostly old school beliefs and structures (religious beliefs, dress code, ethical values, morals). The town was visited by tourists for a very short period of time, who come to live for a while and can be said that they disturb with their own outside culture.

The main character Sammy is nineteen, works or was working as we can say after the story, as a checker or observer at the local A&P store. (Alexadrov and Petrooshki Tea Company) The life of Sammy changes suddenly as one day three scantily clad young women enter the grocery store to buy some eateries. The women were wearing swim suits as they were coming from the beach, which was across the store. At this time, Sammy introduces his co cashier “Stokesie”, who was married and had two children. Because of attire of the trio women, everybody stared at them as they were contrast to the interiors of the store. Sammy being overwhelmed by seeing the trio women in the store, he even watches the expressions of the customers as they lay their eyes on women, which is being a guy/man and living in sort of a small town myself and you know all the girls . They are either taken or you just are not interested in them.

Sammy tells everyone was overwhelmed seeing them because they were different as they were not seen before by anyone in the town. As said “everyone knows everyone”, the women were not familiar in town and this made everyone to attract themselves to women. This made to build a thought of "Wow, I have got to talk to her." Sammy thought only he has a chance to talk with them as Stokesie’s is...

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