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================================READ THIS=============================== calb,

Galtor and _Demo_ hold no warranties of any kind for this product. You're using

ePSXe at your own risk. The authors can't be held liable
or responsible for any

damage which results from using the emulator,
it's plugin or anything described in

this documentation in any way.


0. Introduction.
1. What's New?
2. What

do you need to run ePSXe?
3. Usage.
3.1 Which files are necessary to run ePSXe?

3.2. Controlling the emulator.
3.3. GUI options
3.3.1. File

3.3.3. Config
3.3.4. Options
3.3.5. Cheat

3.4. Configure the emulator
3.4.1. Configuring the emulator

3.4.2. Configuring the video options
3.4.3. Configuring the CD-Rom

3.4.4. Configuring the sound
3.4.5. Configuring MDEC
3.4.6. Choosing

MemoryCards files
3.5. Command line options
3.6. Emulator patches
3.7. Memory

card support
3.8. Savestates.
3.9. Netplay plugins.
4. Implemented features

Compatibility in ePSXe
6. Where can I get help with the emulator?


B. Thanks
C. Legal Stuff

**************************************************************************** 0.



is a Sony Playstation emulator for your PC running under
Win9x/2k/xp or linux. It

takes advantage of the popular PSEmu Pro
plugin system.

**************************************************************************** 1.

What's New?


v1.7.0, released on 24.05.2008

- Multiple changes has been done in the Pad support.

This version supports
the Axis LRX, axis with +/-/full ranges, and a important bug

in vibration
support has been fixed avoiding crashes. In the sio emulation

this version includes better DualShock protocol support, including

vibration in more games, and adding 2 new pad types, "DualAnalog" and "Negcon".

Finally thanks to the new Pete's gpu plugins, a new type of
"visual vibration" has

been included, shaking the image when the
game triggers a vibration effect. (Note:

if you are using epsxe 1.6.0
or older, it could be necessary to reconfigure the

pad plugin in this
new version).

- The internal SPU plugin has been updated to the

1.7.0 version. This
version includes new effects like better envelope, noise,

frequency modulation, reverb and better synchronization between the

and the sound. Thanks to this last fix, the following games work better now:

Metal Gear Solid, Valkyrie Profile, Eithea. Besides the spu API now includes

support for CDDA playing, getting better CDDA sound and core synchronization, and

compatibility with Vib Ribbon.

- In this new version, the iso support code has been

rewritten. Now it supports
the formats BIN/CUE, BIN/CCD and MDS/MDF (and minor

fixes to ISO/NRG
support). Besides, due to the changes in the internal spu plugin,

the CDDA sound is supported even when you run a iso game.
Advice!!!: The

files BIN/CUE, BIN/CCD must have the same name and
different extension or the

games will not be loaded

- The MDEC decoder has been rewritten in the new version to

new games playable suach as Area 51, Novastorm, Eggs of Steel and Maximum

Force. It also fixes other minor bugs in other games
like Rayman and Metal Gear

Solid SM.

- In 1.7.0, thanks to Pete's help and his gpu plugins, the framelimit

management has been changed. Now the framelimit is always...
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