A Worn Path Questions

Topics: A Worn Path, Eudora Welty, DC Universe Online Pages: 2 (454 words) Published: August 25, 2013
A Worn Path Questions

1.The primary theme of the story is that a good person (like Phoenix) will do her duty and fulfill her obligations no matter how hard it is to do so. She really has a hard time getting to town, but she will do it because her grandson needs her – she is all the family he has. 2.Near the ending of A Worn Path, readers discover Phoenix, the protagonist, often goes back and forth from her home to Natchez, where she fetches medicine for her ill grandson. Readers can infer this because of the title, A Worn Path. This is the significance of the title – Phoenix’s feet have walked that path to town many times in an attempt to bring her grandson back to well being. 3.The context of the story is in southwestern Mississippi in December of 1940. 4.The significance of the setting of the story in December and during Christmas is 5.The time motif is significant to the development of Welty’s theme because 6.Phoenix’s inability to see well helps establish the nature of her journey because 7.Phoenix is an appropriate name for the protagonist because …. The bird motif contributes to the development of the meaning because Some other motifs include

8.The description of Phoenix aided in the development of the meaning because 9.The forest is significant because
10.The eyes represent
The barbed wire represents
The dress represents
The withered cotton field represents
The scarecrow represents
The trees silver in their dead leaves represent
11.The point Welty is making about human nature through Phoenix’s encounter with the scarecrow is 12.Welty does not give the man a name because
He represents
Welty is proving that
13.The nickel is significant because
14.Natchez represents
Its oak trees represents
Its steeple and cabins represent
Its little black children whirling around her represent
Its paved streets represent
15.Missy who ties Phoenix’s shoelaces represents
16.The entry to the building was
The stairs and its size...
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