A Walk to Remember: the Movie

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Psychology Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: January 16, 2006
A Walk to Remember

The movie, A Walk to Remember, is an excellent example of the development of an interpersonal relationship. Jamie (played by Mandy Moore) is quiet and religious. Landon (played by Shane West) is outgoing and free-spirited. They moved in different social circles. Though they knew of each other through school, they really didn't know each other until they both were in the same school play. Landon did not want to reveal his feelings for Jamie to his circle of friends for fear of being ostracized from the group. Jamie had a secret crush on Landon, but would not act on her feelings in her initial contact with him. Through time, however, both Jamie and Landon came to terms with their feelings for one another, even though conflict and obstacles were a part of their everyday life. They went from being acquaintances to life partners when they exchanged wedding vows.

One of the concepts of interpersonal communication present in the movie is self-disclosure. Self-disclosure involves purposefully providing information to others that they would not learn if you did not tell them. It moves in small increments, and the exchange of personal information moves from less to more personal. Risks are taken in disclosing, but with trust, disclosure is possible. The quality of an interpersonal relationship can be enhanced through this process.

The relationship between Jamie and Landon followed this self-disclosing process. Landon knew nothing of Jamie's medical condition, leukemia. As their relationship progressed, Jamie disclosed her condition to Landon, even though she knew that she was taking a risk that this could possibly end their relationship. Landon, realizing that he truly loved Jamie, self-disclosed by professing his love for her. This action, too, could have been risky, if she had chosen to not accept his love because of the potential that she would die and not be able to return his love. Their relationship took baby steps that...
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