A Very Short Story: Analysis

Topics: Love, Ernest Hemingway, Marriage Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: May 27, 2014
A very short story
The story I’ve read is called ‘A very short story’. It is written by Ernest Hemingway. He was an American writer and journalist. Hemingway’s style was significant as he was brief and straight-forward. His subject matter is love, war, wildness and loss. Most of his works are biographical, and this story is not an exception. Let me pass on to the analysis itself. As for the title, In direct meaning it refers to the small size of the story, but indirectly it refers to transient of human relationship. Speaking about the themes, they are first love experience, devotion and treachery, illusion of first love and reality. The main one is the theme of love of a man and a woman, which was lost because of the ruined dreams and betrayal. The main idea is that the one should be careful in choosing the object of love. Now let me pass on the plot of the story. Being wounded during the WWI young soldier met a nurse and they fell in love. Having returned to the front, their relationships were developing, they planned to get planned. Having returned to the USA, he found out the girl cheated on him (had an affair). Speaking about composition, exposition reveals the setting and main characters of the story. We find the conflict when the couple separated from each other. The climax reveals when Luz had an affair with the major and denouement is showed when the mien hero had an affair with another girl. So, it means that sex and love are different things and they have nothing in common. The story is narrated from the first point of view. It is interesting to note that the author didn’t give the name of the man only the name of the woman. It means he was one of many but she was the only one of all women. Speaking about discourse types, narration is prevailing. It brings the reader through the chain of events and gives us an opportunity to experience the feelings and emotions of the main characters. As for characters, the author describes them...
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