a tree grows in brooklyn

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Sharanjit Kaur November 8, 2013 Period 3

Classic Novel Project
A Tree Grows in a Brooklyn was a very popular book in the back days around 1943 and the thing that makes this book really popular was readers from all walks of life--young and old alike. The New York Public Library even chose this book as one of the "Books of the Century."
The background of the story seems simple. And most about a girl coming to age and facing family problems as being poor and loss of innocence the story was really touchable in to the heart which today people are still reading this book.

“The one tree in Frankie’s yard was neither a pine nor a hemlock. It had pointed leaves which grew along green switches which radiated from the bough and made a tree which looked like a lot of opened green umbrellas. Some people called it the Tree of Heaven. No matter where its seed fell, it made a tree which struggled to reach the sky. It grew in boarded-up lots and out of neglected rubbish heaps and it was the only tree that grew out of cement. It grew lushly, but only in the tenement districts.” (3-4)

These lines come from the first chapter of the novel, these lines are describing the setting and this specific tree to emphasize the importance that place will play in the novel. It also describes the tree just like Frankie would see it from an upstairs window, looking down. The quote also alerts the reader that class will be an important theme. The tree grows "only in tenement districts," and the book will focus on the places where the trees grow, and the people who live close to it. This sentence is really touching and realistic, after we read this it feels real.

“Francie is entitled to one cup each meal like the rest. If it makes her feel better to throw it away rather than to drink it, all right. I think it's good that people like us can waste something once in a while and get the feeling of how it would be have

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