A Tale of Mere Chance

Topics: KILL, Marriage, Husband Pages: 3 (1229 words) Published: January 14, 2013
A Tale of Mere Chance by Tricia Ng

To my dearest Rosanna,
How are you my beloved wife? Did you hear from the morning news? Did you buy the newspaper this morning? You will be very proud of me once you see the headlines of today’s newspaper. Actually, I will inform you here to make sure you have gotten the news. Mr. McGregor is not here to bother you anymore, no more abusive man shouting at you or hurting you anymore. Can you guess what marvelous job I have done? Oh, my dear please continue to read this letter, please do not be mad at me for not being able to protect you before. I took a long time to plan this murder, and to make sure it will succeed in one try. You have to understand that I am always here for you my dear, for we have been married for 30 years, until that arrogant selfish man took you away from me, who completely ruined our happy marriage. Now, it is the time for him to pay back all the mistakes he have done. I am not a loser, for I will always get what I want at last. My dear Rosanna, remember the day of our wedding on July 5th? Although we barely have enough money to afford the honeymoon trip to Orlando, we enjoyed ourselves a lot at that time. I was not a rich man, I did not have a big mansion or a Roll-Royce, but I was a kind hearted gentleman who tried my best to protect you. Until your mother in New York was terribly sick and she must undergo operations in order to survive, we tried all the possible methods but we could not raise enough money for your mother’s operation. I was so discontented that you had to beg your boss’, Mr. McGregor for help, and he offered you more than enough money for your mother’s operation. He treated you really well and I thought we were lucky to have met a kind employer. Unfortunately, his attitude had completely changed from that day on. I recall that he would pick you up from our house in a Roll-Royce, give you expensive jewelleries from time to time. His action was not out of sympathy, I did not...
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