A Symbol of Hopes & Dreams

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10 May 10, 2012

A Symbol of Hopes & Dreams
A Raisin In The Sun by Lorraine Hansberry is a play about an African American family in 1950s America. The Younger family struggle through racism and family turmoil that threatens to split the family apart. But throughout it all they persevere and the result is a new fresh beginning. Mama’s plant is a shining symbol of the Younger’s for the following reasons.

Mama’s plant has been a steady reminder of a dream for a better life and throughout the years the dream lives on. “Well I always want me a garden this plant is as close as I have ever having one.” (Hansberry Pg.35). Lenas plant was a symbol for a better future for her and her family. At the end of A Raisin In The Sun Walter Lee Younger the son of Lena makes the final choice for the family to move into a house. The decision to do this was not an easy one. Walter recently had six thousand five hundred dollars stolen by his friend who he was going into business with. When this information came to light the family almost broke apart. When the final decision had to be made Walter acted mature and realized that he and his family needed to leave that apartment to pursue a better life. Just like the plant that continues to grow through bright and cloudy days so will the younger family. So at the end of the play “The door opens and she comes back in, grabs her plant, and goes out for the last time.”(Hansberry Pg.134). Mama finally gets her wish of having a home with a garden for her plant.

For the Younger’s family unity is one of the most important aspects of who they are. “They spirited all right, my children. Got to admit they got spirit-Bennie and Walter. Like this little old plant that ain’t ever had enough sunshine …” (Hansberry Pg.35). Throughout the duration of play the family faces many difficult situations. Benetha Younger is going to medical school as well as dealing with personal relationships. Walter wants to invest in a liquor store...

Cited: Loraine Hansberry. A Raisin In The Sun. Evanston: McDougall Littel. 1997. Print.
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