A Strong Central Government

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A Strong Central Government

In the 21st century Washington should have greater power to dictate national policy because the central government of the federated self-governing state speaks and acts for the entire country with its relations and dealings with foreign governments. In this sense, the national government is the sole holder of self-government. Only the national government can operate as the government of a completely independent political community. The national constitution gives the central government control over matters of common concern to the country as a whole and permits the constituent political communities to regulate matters of more local concern.

The states and the federal government are considered supreme in their own sphere of power, although there is considerable overlap (Cropf, p. 106). Understanding that the states cannot make laws that supersede that of the federal government, it is my belief that in the arenas concerning education, health and others the federal government has and should have a greater power of force than local government since we all are aware from experience how local government has and can be influenced by local customs, such as the desire and belief in slavery by southern states. If not for the force of the federal government, slavery would still be legal in the few states. The federal system uses the states to rein in the power of central government, and vice versa (Cropf, p. 106).

Lately, you would think with the advent of such political voices as the Tea Party and other so called reformist groups, that the federal powers are a hindrance the average person. I for one disagree. If I could on my on amend the document that give us the freedoms we enjoy, I would give more power to the federal government for the collective to better be in agreement. The federal government acts as a central focal point for the states and in an ideal setting the collective voice of the states would be the law of the land,...

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