A Separation and Purification Scheme

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Experiment 55: A Separation and Purification Scheme

The final lab report/procedure write-up will consist of the following:

Report guide:

1. List the names, structures, and amounts of each compound in your mixture.
2. Draw a flow chart (like pg 687 in PLKE) showing how you separated and isolated your two compounds. Be sure to include the structures of the compounds at each step.
3. Write a procedure. This should include exactly how you performed your separation. It should have enough detail so that someone else in the lab could repeat the experiment.
4. Results and Conclusions.
a. Melting point, weight, and % recovery for each compound.
b. Comment on the purity and compare your melting point to the literature values.
c. Explain any problems with the procedure and any modifications you made.
d. Explain what you would do differently if you were to repeat this experiment.

The Final Procedure is the actual procedure performed on your sample. This should be written up in sufficient detail so that another student taking this class could follow it to separate and purify your mixture. All amounts of reagents (when possible) should be given. It must be written in paragraph form and it must be typed. Clearly indicate the composition of your sample in the procedure for separation.

In describing extractions, you should indicate which layer (top or bottom) to remove, at least the first time the extraction is performed. You might want to consult some experiments in PLKE to see how various techniques are described in a procedure. This must be written in your own words.

Purified Sample: Turn in your purified samples in a labeled vial with the following information:

-Your name and the compound
-Weight of your sample
-Melting point


Product #1 (purity and % recovery): 5 points
Product #2 (purity and % recovery): 5 points
Lab report/procedure write-up : 10 points

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