A Rose for Emily: An Example of Regionalism

Topics: William Faulkner, Chronology, Sartoris Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: February 26, 2013
1. Emily Grierson: She is the old lady that lives at the house, she is a town legend and is respected because she is a lady. 2. Colonel Sartoris: He was the former mayor of the town who absolved Miss Emily of any taxes after the death of her father. 3. Tobe: He is Miss Emily’s servant and the only connection to the outside world. 4. Judge Stevens: he was very respectful to Miss Emily and to save her pride had several men sprinkle lime on her property. 5. Homer Barron: The man who fell in love with Miss Emily while on a construction job.

 The introduction to the lesson says that Faulkner's "great theme was the American South." "A Rose for Emily" is a good example of regionalism. Identify two examples of local color from the story. Emily Grierson was not willing to join in with those who moved into the new era. She refused to pay her taxes. Another example is the fact that the narrator did not believe that Emily could truly love Homer Barron because he was a Yankee.  In the first paragraph Miss Emily is compared to a "fallen monument." What does his metaphor tell the reader about her social status before she died? She was legendary in the town, everyone knew her or of her. She was part of the town itself.  Part two begins with a shift in time. At this point in the story, Miss Emily's father has been dead for two years and the townspeople begin to complain about a suspicious smell. After you have finished reading the story, hypothesize about the cause of the smell. I think the cause of the smell was her father’s body rotting.  Who begins to date Miss Emily in Part III, and why was he in town? Homer Barron was who she started dating. He was in town to start building the sidewalks in town.  What is the climax of the story? Explain your answer.

The climax of the story is when Miss Emilie dies because that’s when everyone could officially start talking about her.  In parts III & IV, Miss Emily makes a few suspicious purchases in town....
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