A Rose For Emily

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January 5, 2015
Literary Analysis

A Rose for Emily
by William Faulkner


A rose for Emily is one of William Faulkner's most anthologized stories. Drawing on the tradition of Gothic literature in America, particularly Southern Gothic. Although, "A rose for emily" is one of Faulkner's best-known stories, it has not generally been considered his greatest achievement in short fiction. In fact, some critics initially accused Faulkner of writing a shallow and exploitative horror story.

II - Reaction/Analysis

The story is about love and tragedy. It was all started when Emily's father died. Her father left her alon in their big old house. She couldn't accept it by herself so it's not easy for her to let go of her father's body.

But her father left her a deep heart aches. Her father forbid her to acquaint to men, That's why when she met Homer Barron, She did everything for him to stay beside her. Despite the fact thathe's not the marrying-typeb man. Until she made a plan on how to make him stay in her side forever. She decided to prisoned him and locked him in her room where they could spend their lives together forever.

After a long years, Emily got old and continue to live with the rotted body of Homer Barron. And when she died, the people of the community gave her a rose and finally discovered th rotted body of Homer Barron.

And the people had come realize that Emily is just an ordinary woman who also longed-for love and care.

Emily is the classic outsider, controlling and limiting the town’s access to her true identity by remaining hidden. Emily is a muted and mysterious figure. bnHer dismissal of the law eventually takes on more sinister consequences, as she takes the life of the man whom she refuses to allow to abandon her.Homer Barron, much like Emily, is an outsider, a stranger in town who becomes the subject of gossip. Homer represents modernity and...
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