A Response to Jon Krakauer's Article, "Into Thin Air"

Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: October 23, 2008
Jon Krakauer wrote Into Thin Air, which was also featured as an article in the Outside magazine. It was based on his own experiences and observations of the time he attempted and completed the climb of Mount Everest in 1996. Krakauer wanted to share and let everyone know of the whole expedition because he felt it was necessary. The feedback he received from readers was extremely high and it was all positive and negative opinions. The negative feedback was what made Krakauer disturbed, but he did not argue back because they are just opinions like his.

The feedbacks that came from Into Thin Air were not what Krakauer had expected. Some of the feedbacks were written by relatives of the Mount Everest victims and they were angry letters. One was written by Scott Fischer’s sister, Lisa Fischer-Lukenbach, and in the epilogue it stated, “Based on your written word, you certain seem to have the uncanny ability to know precisely what was going on in the minds and hearts of every individual on the expedition….What I am reading is your own ego frantically struggling to make sense out of what happened….There are no answers…No one is to blame.” Another angry letter was written by a Sherpa orphan and it read, “So I believe the Sherpas are to blame for the tragedy of 1996 on ‘Sagamatha.’” Krakauer is trying to find answers to many mysterious questions of Mount Everest and slightly blames certain people for certain accidents, Lisa Fischer-Lukenbach states that it was no one’s fault and that everyone was doing what they could at the time, and the Sherpa puts the blame on the Sherpas because they were suppose to take care of the mountain and not anger it.

In this controversial issue I would have to agree with Lisa Fischer-Lukenbach, because it is the most reasonable and logical. She did not frantically blame anyone so that it would be clearer and more believable. She said that no one was at fault and I believe she is correct. It is hard to blame someone who could not prevent a...
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