A reaction paper for the article: TROPICAL CYCLONES ‘LIKELY TO INTENSIFY’

Topics: Earth, Tropical cyclone, Sea surface temperature Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: September 28, 2014
A reaction paper for the article:

According to the article, Tropical cyclones hitting East Asia have grown increasingly fierce in the past 30 years and are likely to intensify further with global warming. Noticeable increases of greenhouse gases over the globe could influence rising sea surface temperature and change large-scale atmospheric circulation in the Western North Pacific, which could enhance the intensity of tropical cyclones hitting land over East Asia [1].

So, technically, intensification of tropical cyclone is caused by the gradual increase of average annual temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and the great oceans—also known as the global warming [2]. The term, however, sometimes used to refer specifically to climate change caused by human activity, as opposed to changes in climate that may have resulted as part of Earth's natural processes. This global warming is somewhat synonymous with climate change.

Increasing emissions into the atmosphere of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have created the so-called “greenhouse effect,” leading to overall global warming [3]. Some studies would also say that the intensity of solar radiation that correlates positively with global warming provides alternative view to the carbon dioxide-greenhouse interpretation.

In the advent of these calamities, there is clearly an urgent need to identify vulnerable areas throughout the country that would require immediate resettlement of human communities, in order to prevent loss of life in the future. Importance of education, good governance, effective information distribution, and the critical cooperation of local government units should be emphasized. Additional benefits to personnel who are working hard to provide quality service to the community during calamities would definitely create a positive impact. And of course, an increase in budget of disaster-related programs and projects, including exemption...
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